Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Short of It


I have a well documented hatred of shorts.  While it's original iteration was based on the size of my legs, the current hatred is rooted in the tone.  Loose skin...I hate you.

I am trying very hard to move past my skin issues as circumstances warrant.  Yesterday, my run teetered on the edge of not happening because my compression shorts were dirty. 

I'll say it: I heart spandex.  I would wear that on a t-shirt.  Compression workout gear is the A-Number-One reason that I have stuck with exercise.  The support that it gave in the beginning for the fatty areas around my tummy/hip/thigh region segued into the support that it gives to the corresponding loose skin.  The idea of running without my spandex was enough to make me want to throw in the towel...let alone contemplating the alternative: running shorts.  barf.

But, I did it.  It was too beautiful of a day & I had too much willing, loving help with my kids (thanks to a visit from Grandma!) to pass it up.  So *gulp* I put on my "new" running shorts that had been sitting in the drawer for 5 months while I screwed up the courage to take them out.

Photography by Lincoln, age 3
I'm not going to lie, it wasn't fun.  I was tugging at them constantly.  I was hopelessly caught in a wedgie situation (I *think* I made a rookie I not supposed to wear underpants w/the lined ones?  I did & it was a travesty).  I was utterly distracted by seeing my skin rippling with each step (this may have ultimately been a positive, since I didn't have my iPod to keep my mind distracted).  But, I didn't belly up to the excuses buffet & that's something.  Also of note, I was more frustrated with the functionality of the shorts than the look & I feel that is progress of some kind.  Lincoln, however, thought I looked silly in shorts & asked to take a picture of "Funny Mommy."  I guess funny wasn't EXACTLY what I was going for...but it's always a good fall-back.

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