Monday, September 26, 2011

Get By With a Little Help from My Friends


Me & the Girl-Who-Started-It-All, then...
October 6th will by my very first Blogiversary.  I am unreasonably excited about it.  I realize it's not a real anniversary & I also realize it doesn't mean anything to anyone but yours truly, but gosh darn it, it DOES mean something to me.

I started blogging because I needed to come out of the closet, so to speak.  I was done being ashamed of my weight, & for me that meant being open about what I was doing to fix it.  I completely understand that the open door policy that I instituted for myself isn't for everyone--heck, it was barely for me!  I quietly posted my first week of posts without telling anyone but my husband & immediate family.  My first link to a post was on my personal FB page--for a post that had NOTHING to do with weight (you can check out the hilarity that is my son, here).  I was terrified.

...& now.

But here is an illustration of one of the many wonderful things that came from blogging.  Not only have I had the opportunity to change my mind (which I feel is the most important part of the process of shedding/keeping off weight), but I have had the opportunity to share the process.  And I don't just mean me blathering on.  I mean allowing people to come along side me & help me.  This weekend we had a couple of friends over for dinner.  The Mrs. half of this couple is one of the best cooks/bakers that I have ever known.  Everything she makes tastes like a little slice of heaven dipped in rainbows with unicorn sprinkles on top.  True story.  Do you know what she brought for dessert?  The most lovely low-fat chocolate cheesecake I have had the pleasure to taste.  I didn't ask her to do that (well, I did ask her to bring dessert, but I was fully ready to call it a night for epic splurges), she did it because a)she is kind & b)I've allowed people to share in the process. 

When we went to a party for New Year's, my host specifically showed me around the spread, pointing out the best choices for me & telling me how she had made everything so I could make informed decisions.

When another friend hosted a Fiesta as an opportunity to watch the comedy that is preschoolers + a pinata, she gave me a heads-up on the menu in advance so I could go in prepped...& she even told me exactly how many ounces of ice cream were in her fried ice cream shooters.  

When one of my neighbors needed to use up some blueberries, she made her famous blueberry pie lightened up so that she could share it with me.

I will proudly say that I have done the lion's share of the work to get me from Point A to Point Healthy, but I will just as proudly say that I have had some wonderful help along the way.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that sharing this process would mean gaining so many partners in crime & I am so thankful for the help I have had & will shamelessly continue to accept it from all who offer.  We're all in this together.

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