Wednesday, September 7, 2011

W5D3: Remix


I asked Link to strike a runner's pose & this is
what I got.  I think he captured me spot on.
Don't be fooled by the fact that I overslept my alarm by a whole hour--I was super excited for my run today.  Today was my first "big run" on my C25K Remix (my attempt to re-do the program & get a little confidence & a little speed).  I had two goals going into this morning:
  1. Break my fastest mile time: 10'59".
  2. Break my previous W5D3 distance & pace: 2.22 miles at 14'33"/mile pace.
But before we talk results, lets back up & talk about W5D2, a run which I did at night, subsequently causing me to swear off night running forever.  On my night run I ended up on a pitch black wooded trail, then lost in my own neighborhood, & then nearly hitting (or being hit by, hard to say) a deer--or rather four.  I was nearly killed by urban sprawl.  Thankfully these things didn't happen all at the same time, but in succession they had me a little rattled.  The only saving grace was the weather, which was spot on perfecto. 

This morning I was ready to redeem that experience & get my first peek at how much progress I have made on my second go around. 
  1. I officially broke my fastest time: 10'37".  However, the caveat is that I start my Nike+ on the warm-up walk, so by the time I get to running I'm at about 0.5 miles.  Therefore I had already run 0.5 miles before the clock "started" on my fastest mile (which was mile 2 this morning).  Saturday I think I'm going to see what I can crank out as an independent mile, just for giggles.
  2. I killed my prior W5D3: 2.72 miles at 12'00"/mile pace.  Considering that counts 10 minutes of walking with the combined warm-up & cool-down, I am thrilled. 
I'll never be "fast," but I can always be improving & this morning I got a taste of how sweet self-improvement can be--even sweeter than the Big Bopper.

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