Monday, September 19, 2011

Real Food, Real Results


I had a pretty decent week last week, numbers wise.  At this point in my process, anything over 1 lb in a week is cause for celebration--& reflection.  What was different about last week?

Last week I cut myself free from packaged snacks.  This is not to say that I didn't eat any packaged or processed foods, but I didn't eat any of the following (that had crept back into regular rotation):
  • 100 calorie packs of any description
  • Special K bars touting their protein-tastic-ness
  • FibreOne products
Do you know what is good 100 calorie-ish snack?  A peach.  Do you know what has protein oozing out of it's shell?  An egg.  And what about fiber?  Try anything that is green or has seeds or a pit (pitted fruits are particularly high in fiber--that peach just did double duty).

And sometimes I just want something sweet at 3:00 & that peach just won't do.  This week I made cookies with oats & whole wheat flour & chocolate & butterscotch.  One of those cookies scratched the sweets itch & had actual real food in it to boot.  I ate a cookie almost every day this week.  True story.

So, New Sara, let this be a reminder to you.  Real food...real food...real food.  Sometimes you forget & are prone to believe the lies on packaging that promise you the benefits of food in something made in a factory.  Fat chance...literally.

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