Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Trip in the Way-Back Machine


About 10 years ago I went to an N*Sync concert with a good friend.  To deck ourselves out for the occasion, we purchased some thrift store jeans, some bleach, some safety pins & some sequins & went to town.  This was the result:

This illustrates my point made in a previous missive, I was a bit addled when I selected which clothes would make the cut for future use.  Thus, the jeans were saved.  Not that I would want to get rid of them, because they make me smile really wide, but it seems that they belong in some sort of keepsake box, not in the box of clothes I hope to wear again.  Or maybe I'm off base--I suppose paired with the right twin-set these jeans would just scream "Dropping the Kid Off at Preschool." 

Anyhoo, they have fit for a while, but I realized that I hadn't taken a picture to capture my return to 21, so here's to saying "Bye, Bye, Bye" to my pride...
And because the awesome is in the details...

Here's what I'm loving about rocking these wear-nowhere jeans:
  1. The original picture was taken at my approximate lowest previous weight.  I'm pretty sure that I weighed less in that picture than I do now...but notice the hips are MUCH bigger in the older picture.  Have I mentioned that I Heart Zumba?
  2. Two babies later, these bad boys are hanging lower than they did in college. 
  3. They make me want to sing "Pop" at the top of my lungs all day...even the crazy beat box segment at the end.

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