Sunday, August 14, 2011

Four Weeks For Health: Week 3


Week 3 of my personal challenge to lose 1 pound per week for 4 weeks straight is on the books.
Week 3 Actions (what I did differently):
  • I drank.  Chocolate milk, that is.  Studies have shown that people who drink chocolate milk after a workout rebuild & refuel their muscles better than those who drink sports drinks.  Who am I to argue with science?  My desire to believe in this particular discipline has nothing to do with the fact that I hate sports drinks, am a baby about water & LOVE chocolate milk, I swear.  This is actually something I started doing in Week 1, but didn't think to mention until now.  Not only does it seem to be helping (my body fat percentage took an absolute TUMBLE when I had my measurements done this month), but it motivates me to exercise.  Why?  Because I'm such a child that I look forward to the chocolate milk, which I only allow myself post-workout. 
  • I stayed focused.  This week, while not strictly related to my plan to shed pounds, I got pretty organized.  Rather than to-do lists floating around on scraps of paper & junk mail envelops, I kept my lists & menu plans in my planner.  Not only did I stick to the planned menus better than I have all summer, but I got more stuff done around the house because I knew I would be looking at those unfinished lists or unmade meals for the rest of the week.  A big thank you to the women in my book club for showing me the joys of the August to August Calendar--big enough to be useful but small enough to fit in my purse & be practical.
Week 3 Results: Down 0.2 lbs!!!!!

I try to be judicious about my use of multiple exclamation points, but I feel that the above truly deserves it.  No, I didn't hit my goal to lose 1 lb this week...but I did continue my streak.  At my weigh-in, the receptionist called it "the trifecta"--losing for 3 straight weeks.  Doesn't seem like much, but I haven't put together a string in well over four months, so I am pleased as punch.  Plus, with my overages from the prior two weeks, I'm only 0.4 lbs away from the overall 4 lb goal.  So, this week is a lesson in the merits of being content in the absence of perfection, & I am.  And so, I leave you with a moment of zen...

...ok, maybe not zen, but this pic makes me laugh at how unintentionally gangsta my wispy-haired girl looks, & I'll take a good chortle over a real zen moment any day.  Peace out, homeys!

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