Monday, August 15, 2011

W1D1: It's Time for the Remix


I've been talking about it & now that the weather is absolutely spectacular, it's time to do it: I'm going to go back through C25K & then transition into B210K.  Initially my plan was to start somewhere in the middle of C25K, but I decided to start at the very beginning...(sing it with me!) "a very good place to start." 

An illustration of how fast I FELT...if not how fast I actually went.
I was pretty nervous about running since I have been anything but consistent, another point in favor of starting at W1D1.  I decided that I would try to focus on speed during the runs since I wasn't truly a "couch-er."  It was an inadvertently great idea; motivated by fear, it ended up giving me something to feel really good about.  I'm proud to say that the first half of my run segments were at a 7 minute mile pace, with my top speed being a 6:38 minute mile pace.  Granted, I couldn't sustain that for any real period of time, but it feels amazing to know I've got a little giddy-up in my go.  There is absolutely no way I could have done that four months ago. 

At some point during my absence from running, my app released an update.  I can't tell what functionality they changed, but the prompter is either a new person or a much peppier version of my old friend Roger (the name I gave the prompter to make him seem more friend than foe).  Peppy Roger makes me want to cold-cock someone with my iPod.  Where Old Roger would have said, "Run," New Roger says, "RUN!!"  And don't get me started on his half-way-there prompt.  There were clearly "Double Dream Hands" involved.  In the course of this journey I have worked hard to revamp my pessimistic self, but apparently there is no room for the possitive as pertains to my early morning running cues.  When I'm feeling tired & trying to push through the pain, unbridled pep is just offensive.  I miss Old Roger.

Peppy Roger aside, it was a great experience to see how far I've come since my original W1D1 run & I'm excited to continue through the program & on to longer distances.  That's not to say that I enjoyed it, but I certainly appreciate it & that's enough. 

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