Monday, August 29, 2011

Then & Now


On the last weekend of each month I take a progress picture in front of my fridge.  Initially I chose the fridge because it would provide scale where a blank wall wouldn't & also because I'm still infatuated with my "new" (now three-year-old) fridge.  Someone once commented that they liked the pics because I was holding the fridge shut.  It wasn't intentional, but if anyone asks...sure, I planned it that way. 

Yesterday, I realized that I had almost missed picture day.  So, I did what any girl would do & I took off my painting clothes, put on make-up in the middle of the day, & put on a dress to be worn for exactly 37 seconds of picture taking.  But what a magical 37 seconds they were.  Not because the picture is that stellar (I actually liked last month's pic better), but because I inadvertently illustrated some great NSVs that sent me to the moon.  Along with wearing my first SMALL item of clothing in my whole-wide-life, I was treated to these discoveries...
  1. Look at my necklace.  It's the same necklace in both pics...hanging down at least 1.5" lower in the current picture.
  2. Look at my watch (fridge hand).  It's the same watch in both pics...sliding down at least 2" lower on my arm on the right.  Also of note in the watch department, I can now slide it off & on comfortably without opening the clasp.
  3. Look at my shoes.  Ok, not the same shoes, BUT--the shoes on the right are my favorite kitten heel pumps.  I was able to comfortably wear them at my heaviest & still feel sexy.  They're magic shoes.  When I put them on yesterday, I had to notch the straps two holes smaller than the worn hole that I usually wore.  The clasp of one of them promptly broke in protest, but I'm getting these puppies fixed, they're too magical to get rid of!
 Just a reminder that it's not all about the scale, it's not all about the tummy, hips & thighs.  Sometimes it can be about the neck, wrist & ankle.  Meee-ow.

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