Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm a Little DPPS-y


I have never been good about in-home fitness.  In-home fitness could include any of the following (but this is by no means an exhaustive list): videos, calisthenics, video games, kettlebell, jump rope, hula hoop, sit-ups, push-ups or any other-ups, stretching, yoga, or anything involving hand weights or soup cans.

I have tried on numerous occasions.  I see a magazine article touting a fool-proof regime that you can do in your home in minutes to tighten & tone every muscle you never knew you had.  It usually goes like this:

Day 1: Read article in magazine.  Admire the butt on the woman in the pictures. 
Day 2: Go to the store to buy the gizmo that the article was promoting.
Day 3: Lay out article on the floor & awkwardly step through the 10 minute routine...in 30 minutes. 
Day 4: Move newly purchased gizmo to the closet & deem it a "rest day."
Day 5: Accidentally throw magazine in the recycling bin.
Day 6: Whoops!  Can't remember the routine & I certainly don't want to hurt myself.  R.I.P., gizmo.

I have done this more times than I care to count.  However, I know that I need to work some simple strength exercises into my routine if I have any hope of toning my excess skin.  A week ago, Dave instituted a personal rule that he can't touch his iPod or internet delivery system until he does sit-ups, push-ups & pull-ups.  It's motivational &, at least for starters, he's limiting it to very few reps so that he doesn't get burnt out.  He calls it his "SPPS Workout."  Brilliant.

While my arms could use work, my big problem areas are more south of the border, so I have introduced "DPPS" to my afternoons, to be completed weekdays before I can hop online to check Facebook or write about my latest fiasco involving baked goods.  DPPS:

Donkey Kicks
Peeing Dogs

And I'm only doing 10 (or 10 seconds of the plank).  I can always add on, but right now is just about building the habit.  In the past I threw out many great ideas because I sacrificed them to my all or nothing mentality.  If I couldn't do three sets of 30 reps, it clearly wasn't worth it.  If I didn't have time for 100 crunches, why bother?  But you know what...10 Peeing Dogs (ok, I know there is probably a better name, but it really just looks like a dog lifting his leg to pee) a day, five days a week, is 2600 more Peeing Dogs in a year.  Just as I've taken the pounds off in tiny increments that tally up to a big loss, so will I tighten this skin.  And if it doesn't work, at least I will have entertained Lincoln at the sight of Mommy "being Gimli." 

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