Wednesday, August 17, 2011

W1D2: It's Time for the Remix


I passed someone this morning!  Granted, it was a 60-something woman taking her spirited puppy for a walk whilst pausing sporadically to instill some instruction in his fuzzy little head, but still, I passed someone.  This achievement brought to you by dirty hair & workout clothes that moonlight as pajamas.

Last night I realized that I was in danger of jeopardizing my planned Wednesday morning run.  My hamstrings & quads had banded together & those little teamsters were on strike.  They didn't appreciate the labor agreement that I had previously imposed, specifically my little foray into sprints on Monday.  Each step brought a new shooting pain as if to say "heck no, we won't go" or "what do we want--a couch & ice cream!  when do we want it--now!"  As I was showering after Zumba, I realized I was at a cross roads.  If I washed my hair & my legs were still aching in the morning, there was no way I would run.  BUT, if I didn't wash my hair, thus forcing me to shower again in the morning, & I slept in my running clothes, MAYBE I would be able to convince myself that the pain would go away.  And I did...but it didn't. 

But it did ease up a bit & I went for my run this morning.  In my negotiations with my striking legs, I agreed that there would be no sprinting & in return, my legs would support my body weight & propel me forward at a moderate rate of speed with minimal wincing.  Both parties upheld their ends of the agreement in honorable form.

I can honestly say that I will never be that person who wakes up in the morning solely for the chance of getting in a great workout.  I will likely never choose a workout over any other worthwhile activity (like sorting my sock drawer or alphabetizing my DVDs).  I will rarely say that I really enjoyed my workout.  But here is what I will do: I will show up.  Sometimes just showing up is the best that can be done & that is ok.  If I show up, I will do it & if I do it, I will benefit from it.  If I need to sleep in workout clothes & filthy hair to get that done, so be it.  There's no shame in needing a few (albeit dirty) helps if the end result is progress. 

At the height of training for my 5k, I would not have run on legs that hurt like mine did this morning.  This is a NEW New Sara.  And look what I gained for it: the chance to annihilate a jolly baby-boomer & her wobbling puppy.  Winning.

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