Sunday, August 28, 2011

W4D1: Remix


Dear Neighborhood Vultures (no, not THAT kind, the feathered kind),

You are a valuable part of the circle of life.  As such, I would like to cordially invite you to a special luncheon in your honor at Chez Skunk Carcass on 72nd Street--I hear it's to die for.

Yours truly,
Sick of Week Old Roadkill Rotting on My Running Route

I'm posting this in the hopes that vultures are active in the blogosphere.  They certainly don't read my FB statuses because I already made this request once.  Maybe they get spotty coverage whilst circling the area & NOT doing their jobs.  Either way, that carcass is ALMOST enough to make my lazy self find a new running route...almost, but not quite.  It's been there so long that it doesn't even stink anymore.  Sad stuff.

What's not sad is how absolutely awesome I felt on my run today.  Everything just felt right.  I was moving & breathing exactly as I planned...which has never happened to me in my life.  Needless to say, by the time I got home, I was feeling like the king of the world.

Mercifully, I was spared the horror of an overinflated ego by the grace of my running shorts--my inside out running shorts to be more specific.  As I sat down on my front step to stretch my legs & bask in the glory of a beautiful day & a perfect run, I realized that my shorts were inside out.  For reals.  Maybe I should try some sports voodoo & wear them inside out tomorrow & see if that's the key to a good run.  More than likely it's just the key to getting odd looks.

And speaking of things looking odd, do you see what I see?

That's the tag off of my new (ridiculously clearanced) black dress that I wore today.  Yup, that's an S.  In the interest of full disclosure, there is no way that I can wear a small in MOST items, but this boxy dress fits perfectly & gets the award for my first item of small clothing ev-ah.  I might have to frame it...the tag, the dress, the whole enchilada.  Here's the dress: 

This picture pointed out a whole herd of NSV's that I'm excited to day dream about more tomorrow, but first I must night-dream tonight.

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