Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Dear Fog,
I'm not a science wizard, but I believe that you are to be comprised of water vapor, not in fact, Silly Putty.  Educate yourself.
Sluggish but Triumphant on W4D2 Remix

Since sluggish is no way to start a Hump Day, a little ruminating on motivation:

I'm a firm believer that my journey can only be successful if I'm doing it for myself.  I do the work, I make the choices, I'm the reason that I'm doing what I'm doing.  Doing this for someone else will never be enough for me to make a permanent change.  That being said, I know myself & as a mom my kids can be a powerful motivator.  Not a REASON, but a motivator.  I want my kids to grow up with healthy habits established through modeling so they can live long, healthy lives.  I can't say it enough that I am thankful that I found my life changes when my kids were so young.  They really don't know anything else.  In the past week, my kids treated me to two examples of ways that changing my life has shaped theirs:
  • While talking about the dad of a friend that was going to do a race, Link piped up: "And her mom is going to race, too--right?"  Thrill of all thrills!  Link's assumption is that everyone races, everyone runs, everyone exercises.  He's even talking about running & racing with us & I think next year's race season is going to see the debut of future Olympian, Linkovitch Chimovski.  Side benefit: if we can get Link hooked on running maybe he'll want to be in Cross Country & spare his poor mother the scares of Football!
  • After picking our biggest single day haul out of the garden, my kids mobbed me & insisted that we eat our garden tomatoes right there on the deck.  I thought they were going to riot when I made them stop stealing out of the basket long enough to rinse them off with the garden hose.  I guess a little bird poop never killed anyone...right???  At any rate, it didn't kill them & they were thrilled to have tomatoes for "dessert."  Be still my heart.

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